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In 2018, Reality church will transition from our use of the ESV (English Standard Version) to the CSB (Christian Standard Bible) for use in preaching, teaching & apprenticeship ministry.  

While the accuracy of the ESV has served us well since this community's founding in 2009, the elders recognize the increased importance of readability for ministry in our diverse community of saints, sinners and sojourners.  While some english translations excel in accuracy (more literal) others excel at accessibility (more readable).  Few do well in both.  The new CSB (2017), however, seems to strike the best balance we've seen in both aspects - accuracy and readability.   

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In addition, the CSB has some wonderful resources for apprenticeship across gender, age & spiritual maturity demographics.  Examples include:

Starting January 2018, our print & online ministry resources will start to be updated with the CSB version.  Preaching and Sunday morning ministry will transition as well, new congregational bibles are already in place for guests & newcomers.  

As a church community, you are encouraged to use the bible translation that works for you.  Our prayer is that we would increasingly delight in God's word, that it would lead us to taste & see the Lord's goodness & grace. The CSB is not the only version that does this well, but it is the version we will be using as a congregation in making the reality of Jesus known moving forward. If you are to purchase a new CSB bible, please consider shopping locally - ordering through Pilgrim Book & Bible (on Kingsway).

Some links that may be helpful as you consider making this transition personally, including endorsements, FAQ's, and verse comparisons, may be found HERE.  

A helpful commentary on the CSB's goal of gender-accuracy can be found HERE (ChristianityToday)


For questions or comments on this decision, feel free to contact an elder @ 

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