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Apprenticeship | Disciplemaking

What is a disciple?

A disciple is simply a learner, a student or - as we like to say, an apprentice. That means that we are all disciples. The question is... who or what is our teacher? Who or what are we devoted to, or identified with? In Acts 2:42, we are told that the early church was, “devoted to the Apostles teaching.” Their devotion was directly connected to their learning and the gospel was at the heart of everything they learned.

So a disciple, in the Christian sense, is one who is devoted to Jesus, a learner of Jesus, a apprentice of Jesus, and - by grace - a reflection of Jesus. This happens when we depend on the power of the Spirit to keep the gospel at the center of our lives and live out the mission of the church.

What is discipleship?

Before Jesus ascended to take his place as the world’s true ruler, his final instructions were that His disciples “go and make disciples of all nations”. Therefore, it is our goal to help one another become disciple-making disciples. We define discipleship as the process where a Christian, in obedience to Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, chooses to invest their life & energy into the lives of others for the Glory of Jesus. A Christian chooses to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit to obey Jesus and to invest their lives in others. By this we together become learners and lovers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Where does discipleship happen at Reality?

Discipleship is a core part of our everyday rhythms at Reality.  Discipleship training happens informally through sermons, community service & outreach.  It happens more formally through Community Group involvement, study, leadership, hospitality & prayer.  That said, there are a few places where discipleship happens with great intentionality in our community. 

  • FOUNDATIONS Classes are an essential part of our discipleship training.  more
  • MISSION & MEMBERS is designed to orient you to our shared mission and the responsibilities of being a covenant member of our family. more
  • TRAINING DAYS, usually geared at a specific topic (parenting, spiritual disciplines, financial stewardship) or at a specific demographic (men or women) are held as leaders & issues arise.
  • MENS FIGHT CLUB is a morning breakfast group where men are invited to open the Scriptures, study, pray & learn how to spiritually lead & serve in their family & in their church. more
  • WOMENS GROUP is a weekly discipleship group where women study the Bible, pray & share life together.  more
  • REALITY LEADERSHIP CADRE is a group who meet for theological & spiritual equipping geared towards leadership within the Reality family.  Some may go on to serve in the role of deacon or elder. 


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