Stories of hope & life.  Dust from the journey. 

Storyteller:  John Sharma
John recently re-committed his life to Jesus and joined the Reality church community. Looking back he recognizes Jesus pursuing him even when he did not care about him

Storyteller:  Mary Webb Harries
Mary and her gift of Poetry are a beautiful part of the Reality Church community. Watch here as she is sharing glimpses of her life and her very first poem.

Storyteller:  Chi Lam
Growing up in Vancouver's Eastside, Chi learned to defend himself with martial arts and was getting involved as a gang banger.  His life was filled with violence and anger until Jesus transformed him - from violence to victory.

Storyteller:  Rachel Barkey
March 4, 2009 | @ River Rock Show Theatre Westside Women's Event | Death is not dying:  A faith that saves

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Storyteller: Bryan Sih
Bryan joined Reality as part of our original launch team from Westside Church. Watch here as he tells his story about God's faithfulness through all things - even the less-than-perfect moments of life. Video provided by Westside Church.