Welcome to Reality

Reality Vancouver Church is an fresh expression of an old organic movement called ekklesia – the gathering – or simply, the church.

We are followers of Jesus who love God, love our neighbours and love the city.  We value FAITH ~ ROOTEDNESS ~ INTEGRATION ~ HUMILITY ~ HOSPITALITY and REST, and allow these ideals to shape our rhythms.  With simplicity & generosity, we engage our culture with the amazing grace & good news of Jesus Christ.  We also have ridiculous amounts of fun together – finding Jesus to be the life of the party and the bringer of the truest forms of joy, life and community. We don’t pretend to have our lives all together – but simply turn our lives over to an awesome God who does.

If you’re a Christian – that’s brilliant – and rare in our city.  Welcome. We could use some prayer and would love to connect with you in serving our neighbours.

If you’re skeptical about organized religion – we get it. You’re among friends. If you’ve been hurt by, or lost faith in, the ‘church’ or ‘christians’ – you’re not alone.

If you’re searching for truth, meaning and community – welcome to the journey.  We can point you in the right direction and walk with you as you respond to God's relentless pursuit and your souls' craving.  

If you’ve experimented with spirituality but know there’s something more – there is.  And we invite you to explore the life and teachings of Jesus and find, in him, the Way – Truth and Life.  He’s our mission, he’s our example, he’s our leader and he changes everything.

Take some time to explore our site or to contact our pastoral team to find out more about our mission, values and vision. We’ve tried to post relevant information for those who may be interested in joining our family, for those who just want information about the church, or for those who don’t know much about church or Jesus and are just looking for some answers to lingering questions.

If you're new to our community or to church, the NEW HERE section is a great place to start.
Regardless of where you are on the journey... welcome to Reality.