Who we are

who we are...
IDENTITY // The Reality community is a beautifully diverse group of skeptics, sinners & saints - adopted into God's family, accepted, forgiven, set free & sent out for the praise of his glorious grace.

what we see...
VISION // We see Jesus transforming all things for our good and God's glory.  

what we do...
MISSION // We practice the way of Jesus as a familiy of apprentices sent to love our neighbours authentically, prophetically & sacrificially. 

      The way of Jesus is a life marked by:

  • WORSHIP (the fuel for discipleship)
  • BELONGING (the context for discipleship)
  • APPRENTICESHIP (the practice of discipleship)
  • SACRIFICIAL LOVE (the overflow of discipleship)

how we live...
VALUES // As apprentices of Jesus, we desire to integrate all of life with faith - rooting ourselves in Christ, His character, His commission and in community.  

Six core values calibrate & our rhythms, posture and priorities as a church family:  

  • REST

Why the Gospel?

THE GOSPEL OF GOD IS THE GOOD NEWS OF HIS SON. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and so we proclaim his life, teachings, crucifixion, resurrection & promises as good news.  It is through the paradox of the cross that we discover the way to God, the truth of who He is, and the life that only He can give. The Gospel is the centre of Christianity and the cross is the centre of the Gospel, therefore the gospel and the cross are central to every rhythm and element of our community.

Why belonging?

WE WERE MADE TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER AND BE KNOWN. Discipleship occurs when we are intentional in living out the teachings of Jesus within authentic community. We believe that the shallowness of much of what is called Christianity today is due to the individualism that plagues our culture and, unfortunately, the church. We recognize and submit to the command of scripture to love one another, and seek to extend this to our spiritual family, to our neighbours, and to the spiritual refugee - for grace alone transforms enemies into friends - strangers into family. 

Why apprenticeship?

WE BELIEVE THAT LIFE IS ABOUT HUMBLY PRACTICING THE WAY OF JESUS. As a Christian community, this includes worship, theological education, practical equipping and joyful celebration.  As apprentices we aim to integrate all of life with our faith - rooting ourselves in Christ, his character, his commission and in community.  We endeavour to provide theological & Spirit-filled training to engage the skeptic, encourage the newer believer, & strengthen the saint.  Recognizing the transition between these conditions is often subtle & undefined, we want to encourage all to enter into this journey - and experience the fullness of life in a grace-based family of apprentices.

Why rest?
WE BELIEVE THAT JESUS ALONE BUILDS HIS CHURCH. Buildings, programs and activities may support healthy community, but spiritual maturity & multiplication is not dependent upon our work or productivity. We rest in the person & work of Jesus, and seek his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  Therefore, our growth as a church is the result of knowing Jesus through immersion in His word, prayer, communion, friendship, hospitality and song. Our emphasis is growth that results from people hearing and being changed by the gospel, not simply growth from attracting spectators or non-participating attenders.

Why the city?

WE ARE COMMITED TO THE CITY OF VANCOUVER. This is the city to which we have been called. This is where we live. This is where we show others the love of Christ. We do not believe the Gospel can change Vancouver unless those who believe in the gospel actually invest their lives in the city for the glory of Jesus. We believe in neighborhood revitalization through proclamation of the gospel and intentional living, knowing that where Jesus is lifted up many will be drawn to Him.