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posted by Kris Martens November 17, 2011
REFLECTIONS | night of song & prayer

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On Sunday, Nov 13, Reality called all covenant members & regular attenders to a time of prayer & fasting for the gospel, for our neighbours & for our city.

When asked how healthy the church is, some tend to measure numbers (noses & nickels) on sundays.  My preference is to measure Baptisms & Prayer participation.  
- Sunday morning attendance reflects the popularity of the preacher & musicians.  
- Mid-week Community Group attendance reflects the popularity of friends/leaders/hosts andour shared mission. 
- But Prayer gatherings reflect how popular Jesus is. 

Prayer - especially when combined with fasting - is work.  Hard work.  Good work.  Great work.  Maybe the greatest work.   It's certainly a requirement for any real Gospel change in our own hearts - and in the hearts of our neighbours. 
What a joy to see nearly 70 reality peeps show up to pray - to raise their voices & hands in song - and ask our great Saviour to do His work in our midst.  

Thanks for reflecting the popularity of Jesus.  Keep your prayers going - especially for our local mission - our unity on mission - community groups - and those serving Jesus overseas.  

Jesus is Reality.

For more opportunities to pray, and for an overview of Reality's appreciation & practice of prayer, go HERE