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posted by Kris Martens November 12, 2011

General - liveonmission_logoLiveOnMission Update:   November 12, 2011

Hey Reality peeps

We have finished up shooting in the Philippines, and have got all the footage we have hoped for. God opened the doors for us to be able to interview a couple bar owners inside their bar (something I didn't really expect to happen), and we have got lots of other honest interviews as well. Alot of people are very standoff-ish about talking with us, but God has really granted favour towards us in this episode. Please pray that God would open the doors in the same way for our Thailand episode(s). Thailand is ALOT more protective and hesistant from what we've experienced and we'll need some major God action for this episode to work out. In the Philippines people will yell and throw looks for taking videos, but in Thailand they will smash cameras or smash us even.

We finished up shooting a day early in the Philippines so we were able to enjoy a nearby beach for the day. One of my lifelong dreams has been to surf, and I was graced by Jesus to be able to try it on the spare day before we returned to Bangkok. I managed to catch a flying surfboard (my own) directly between the eyes and got a cut on my nose and forehead but sustained no major injuries by the grace of God. JR and I both started to feel sick at the beach though, and were experiencing some stabbing pains and were running for the washroom alot. I got better with some sleep, but unfortunately JR has gotten worse. The bus ride to the airport looked painful for him, and by the time we got to the airport in Manila he was crouched over in pain. It had gotten even worse by Bangkok, so we brought him to a medical clinic in the airport. He was experiencing some radical poops and some bleeding, some they took him to the Childrens Hospital by ambulance. He spent the night there, and hasn't gotten alot better. When I spoke with him a couple hours ago he was thinking he would be spending another night in the hospital. They have him on an IV and have been running all sorts of tests on him. From what I've gathered its from something we ate or some water we drank. We've be trying to be extremely careful about eating and drinking, but unfortunately, it has taken JR down for the last couple days.

Please be praying for us, and him specifically. Two people is a ridiculously low number of people to make a movie with, and I need my bro to get better. We are taking some time off with my family and Rebekah who have just arrived here, so he'll have some time to get better, but Please be praying for his health, and for miraculous healing, and God's providential work through the wonderful Thai medical system. Pray for gospel sharing opportunities for JR while he is in the hospital as well. We've been dropping the good news all over Asia whenever people ask what-the-heck we're doing. Lots of great conversations have happened.

SO...in conclusion.
God has been opening amazing doors for us...please pray this continues and that we can get amazing footage in dangerous places.
Pray for health for JR. Prayer works, and we've been feeling all the prayers you've been offering up.
Pray for our connections (the organizations we're working with in Thailand) who are taking some hits due to the flooding. Alot of Bangkok is wet, and there are also some serious health risks that could come up in the next little while due to the dirty water everywhere and the lack of bottled water. We've got a water treatment kit so we can always have drinkable water, but pray that the organizations will be able to work with us in two weeks when we are back from the south and ready to begin filming in Bangkok.

Jesus Bless you Reality.  You are missed and loved by JR, Rebekah, and I.
Looking forward to seeing you all in December.
Joshua Dool & Josh Redmond

They now have diagnosed it as colitus. They're just going to monitor him for a couple days i guess and see what happens.  Please be praying for a miracle!

Nov 17 - JR's out & recovering 
Heard from JR this morning.  Released from the hospital - feeling better.   Resting & prepping for their next 2 missions in Thailand.  Keep prayers coming.