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posted by Kris Martens January 02, 2012
FEATURED RESOURCE | Kickin' It Old School booklet

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Reality's latest resource booklet is now available.
Kickin' it OLD SCHOOL focuses on the Gospel story through the Old Testament in general, and the books of Judges - Ruth in particular.  Included are thoughts on how to see Jesus through old testament narrative, an overview of each of the Bible's major genres, the purpose & context of the barbaric war scenes, Judges in art & culture, the redemptive history of God's people, and the HERO of the story.  The appendix includes key memory verses and some ideas for family devotions for parents.  

Pick up your copy at the Connect Ctr any Sunday or from SOMA mid-week.  FREE if you'll read it.  Recycle by giving to a skeptical friend and then see where the conversation goes.
We offer this work to the friends & family of Reality Vancouver church, and to our Lord for His glory.