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posted by Kris Martens October 03, 2012
SERVANT TEAMS | hands & feet

Jesus came to SEEK & SERVE.  He gave of himself for the glory of God & the good of the world.
He calls us to follow in his steps. 

For some amazing reason, Jesus chose to express His love for the world through us - His people!   So serve like Jesus - without expecting praise or lavish appreciation - and not as part of your religious duty.  But for the glory of God the Father and the joy He alone brings.

SERVANT TEAM response forms are available each Sunday at the Connect Centre.
If you're not already on a SERVANT TEAM (or 2...), please take a few minutes and ask Jesus to show you – where he would like to work through you.  How you could best use your gifts for his greatness.

For those wanting some direction...particular needs exist this fall in the realityKIDS, hospitality, & tear-down teams.  Get in the game.  Contact us at:

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