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posted by Kris Martens March 17, 2013
Frankie on a Mission | vision night

Update No. 2 - March 17, 2013General - content_Frankie

My name is Frankie Joseph and I am second next to the big guy upstairs. Three years ago I was living in the heart of East Van selling drugs, skipping school and looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places. Shortly I after I met Kyle Belton, the Life Skills Coordinator at Inner Hope Youth Ministries, and slowly everything began to change. Kyle became my mentor and a year later I began attending Reality Church.

Last spring I graduated from high-school and was faced with a dilemma about what I was going to do in the coming year. The end of the summer I attended Camp Qwanoes and realized there that I needed to give the year to God – give it my all or nothing.  I heard about a Discipleship Training School in West Kelowna and applied in September just 1 week before it started. At the time I had no money but pure faith. Thanks to Inner Hope and Reality Church my fees were covered and I graduated from the program February 22nd.

The last six months have been filled with numerous experiences including taking classes like Biblical World View and Pain of the Heart. I learned how to teach and preach, gained self-discipline and learned how to die to myself. I served in local homeless shelters, a Bible camp and did an Outreach trip to a First Nations reserve on the Westcoast of Vancouver Island. Recently I was offered a staff position at the new YWAM base in Oliver, BC. Through fasting and prayer it has been made clear that I should accept this offer.

Sunday March 17th (St. Patricks Day) at 7pm, I will be hosting a presentation to share in more detail what I`ve learned over the past six months and provide more information about the opportunity to join them in a missions role. I look forward to seeing you there – wearing green apparel.

March 17 | SOMA | 7pm