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posted by Johannes Gebhardt January 23, 2014

December 9, 2013

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The picture above, is of my plane ticket to Chennai, India. This picture is significant because it shows how God is faithful with anything, and how he loves to give good gifts to his children. It is a gift to me because we arrive in Chennai on my 19th birthday! When I was a younger lad I eagerly anticipated my 19th birthday for one reason; I would be legal drinking age in B.C. I had no idea that God was going to bring me to India, the other side of the world, on my 19th birthday. I’m extremely thankful that God took me out of that place and showed me what he really had in store for me.General - content_frankieonmission

Caitlin and I will be leading a team of three students on a mission’s trip to Viluppuram in the province of Tamil Nadu. We have an amazing opportunity to assist local ministries and help them become self-sufficient. We will serve and witness in the villages, churches and slums in the local district and municipality. A big part of the outreach we will be facilitating and teaching in a mini DTS of our own.

This mission’s trip is a major milestone in my life. I am so blessed to have an amazing team and awesome people supporting me. To all of my supporters who paved the way and enabled me to go on this mission’s trip, thank you. The day before we were booking the tickets I had no money towards outreach and then the YWAM base offered to lend me the money needed to buy my ticket. So the ticket is booked, got all my supplies and now I’m brain storming fundraising ideas. Please pray for me regularly; prayer is the best way you can support me as I go on this trip. Please pray for safe travels, open hearts, good health, and safety for my team and my family.

Love, Frankie Joseph.