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posted by Kris Martens May 06, 2009
Community Project: Build the Playground!

Our beloved Charles Dickens School is an amazing facility:  beautiful, functional, sustainable & includes a palm tree on the roof.   Who could ask for anything more?   My kids, that's who.

We are reminded regularly as we gaze upon the beautiful-settled mount of dirt, rocks, PVC piping & bricks...that a play field and a playground are yet to be realized.  In fact, it is likely that as we gaze we are standing upon what WAS the beloved playground & fields.  

No matter - all is set to be resolved this month as the playground has been purchased and is ready to be built. 
Only one thing missing.... YOU!  Installers, that is.  That would include anyone who can work a hammer, screwdriver, shovel, tape measure, and allen key - and has a pulse.

It will take a fairly massive volunteer effort to build this contraption of joy & hilarity - and the school needs any willing hands & hearts it can get.  Here are the details:

They're looking for 20-30 people per 4-hr shift:
Dates and Times
Friday June 5
; 4:30-8:30pm  shift
Saturday, June 6; 8:00 am -12:30 shift
Saturday, June 6; 12:30-5pm shift

Please email or call the great coordinator's for this effort:   Claudia 862-3507/874-6438 -or- Tammy 873-2503
or email them at or
Thank you.