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posted by Kris Martens July 14, 2017
Get Baptized this Sunday // BBQ beach party

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Get baptized this summer!  July 16 is your next opportunity

If you're new to following Jesus, or simply haven't yet been baptized, this Sunday is your next opportunity to share your story of redemption & grace.  You're never really 'ready' to be baptized, and that's why it's so profound & beautiful.  Baptism is publicly identifying with Christ in his death & resurrection, laying down our old lives, and receiving the new.  It's not about our sin, but our Saviour.   

Talk to your Community Group leader or Pastor, and download our Baptism guide

Baptism CLASS held July 9 but contact pastor Kris if you missed it.   


Beach Party & BBQ to follow baptisms

Join us for an afternoon at Kits Beach.  North parking lot on Arbutus.

Bring some food to share, we'll be serving hots & hams.   

Baptism around 12:15 - BBQ & beach party to follow!

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