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posted by Kris Martens May 31, 2010
RealityREC | Ultimate Frisbee

Reality RECreation presents:
Ultimate Frisbee at Kits Beach
Next game:  3:30pm Sunday, June 20

Bring a frisbee, if you have one, or a soccer ball. We can get two games going if we have enough people.  It's at 2 so that we can have time to get food before.  If you don't know how to play frisbee that's okay, we will teach you.  Or you can hang out at the beach and visit! 


Kitsalano Beach is on the corner of Cornwall and Arbutus. You can google it for directions. When you get there you will see the beach, some tennis courts, and a smaller cafe, with a playground south of it.

We will meet on the grassy area by the playground.
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If you are around, it would be awesome to see you!