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Advent Conspiracy

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Sermon Series beginning December 14, 2008.
Advent Conspiracy - Contentment

Date: 12.14.08
Speaker: Kristian Martens
Passage: Philippians 4:11-13
Summary: Watching the news, it sometimes appears as if the world is falling apart - at least economically. House devaluation, RRSP contraction, market fluctuation, unemployment growth, industry collapse, decreasing security.... (Hey - we may even see a name change on the Canucks home arena). The financial house of cards has come crashing down in many parts of the world - and the new reality of living simpler, more frugal lives seems to be upon us. This current economic dynamic speaks to the deeper issues that surround the Christmas season: greed, coveting, consumerism, idolatry, & lust. They point to a root issue affecting us all: the search for contentment. For peace in the world.

This Christmas, instead of getting all fired up about Christmas presents, Reality joins a movement of Christians & churches to promote the Advent Conspiracy ( Our prayer is simply to WORSHIP fully, SPEND LESS on gifts, GIVE more presence, and LOVE like Jesus. And in doing so - find the great gift of Christmas: Jesus - and the true & lasting contentment only He brings.

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