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Luke | the skeptics guide to the gospel

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Through 2009 and into 2010, Reality will teach through the book of Luke:  The Skeptics Guide to the Gospel.

We'll break the story down into 7 scenes:

Scene 1 [resistance] :: April-May 09    
     Luke 1 - 3
     The landed invasion of the Prince of Peace.  A resistance movement. 
Scene II [revolution] :: June-Aug 09

     Luke 4 - 6
     The revolution begins as Jesus is baptized and begins teaching around his hometown.
Scene III [authority] :: Sept-Oct 09
     Luke 7 - 9:50
     Jesus teaches with authority, as the ultimate authority
Scene IV [reformission] :: Jan-Mar 2010
     Luke 9:51-13
     Jesus teaches about living the reformissional way.
Scene V [kingdom] :: Apr-Jul 2010
     Luke 14 - 19:27
     Jesus teaches on the Mission & the Kingdom - that has come and is yet coming.
  Featured series:  Luke 15 | LOST |  sheep, treasure & sons
Scene VI [death by love] :: 2010
     Luke 19:28 - 24:12
     Death by love.  Jesus' road to Jerusalem, the cross & the resurrection.
Scene VII [ekklesia] :: 2010
     Luke 24:13 - Acts 2:47
     Jesus as the sent & sending God.  The way of the radical, outrageous & contagious church. 

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Scene IV:  Reformissional Living
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     Luke 15 mini-series:  LOST
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