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What & Where

THE SOMA UNDERGROUND is Reality Vancouver church's community office | gallery | creative space. It's used midweek for community groups, training, prayer, art shows, administration & such.

Located in the SoMa District (South Main) behind and under the Starbucks on East Broadway & Kingsway.  It's a strategic intersection in the creative-Bohemian/gentrifying neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant & has become a redemptive space for spiritual inquiry, growth & beauty. 

SOMA is Greek for 'the body' - and is the term often used to describe the New Testament church. Underground is both a physical & missionally description of the space.  

It's underground physically - beneath a busy Starbucks & amazing sushi bar (Hime's)
It's underground missionally - in the sense that the church was always a counter-cultural, slow-moving, unstoppable movement to transform hearts and minds with the Reality of Jesus. Underground resistance movements, like Canada's underground railroad, also connote the Gospel mission to bring people from bondage to freedom - the explicit mission of Jesus and his followers everywhere (Luke 4).

The space was an old Mt. Pleasant strip club (creatively named after the 7th planet from our sun), so our leasing it is indeed a Gospel act of redemption.

The suite above Reality's Underground is known as the Broadway Ministry Hub and is leased by our partners - the C2Cnetwork

a.  101-2468 Scotia Street, Vancouver, BC  V5T 0C3
p.  604.REA.LITY (732.5489)
Transit:  Served by the following Translink Bus Lines:  99, B-Line, 8, 9, 19, 3
Nearest Skytrain terminals are:  ScienceWorld (transfer to 3), Broadway/City Hall (transfer to 9 or 99)

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Luke Hunter, from Moreh Art  designed and created the wall mural within SOMA.  Here's a video of his inspired work. 

In the creative space

While SOMA is primarily used as an office and administrative hub, it includes some creative media space, showcasing art and perspective from within and outside our community. To inquire about using the space for an exhibit or function, please email us.


  • Nov 2 ~ Prayer & Vespers night
  • Nov 9 ~ Gospel FOUNDATIONS - session 3
  • Nov 16 ~ FORGE preaching club
  • Nov 23 ~ Socrates in the city
  • Nov 30 ~ Gospel FOUNDATIONS - session 4
  • Sunday afternoons through Nov-Dec ~ Christmas Choir practice
  • Dec 14 ~ Gospel FOUNDATIONS - session 5
  • Jan 4-17 ~ Moving weekS from SOMA to new Chapel


  • Reality Youth ~ Teen group ~ Thursdays 7am-9pm more
  • Fight Club ~ Men's discipleship ~ Thursdays 7am-8:15am more
  • Reality Women ~ discipleship ~ Mondays 7:00 - 9pm more
  • House Band practice | Wednesdays
  • Various community groups mid-week

Kids Events | Reality Kids Club | Cowabunga Day Camp
Family Movie & Craft Night
Youth Art & Open Mic
Trade School Classes
Film & Philosophy
Art Show | Death of a Beekeeper
Theology classes | Mission & Members | Foundations
Rentals | Inner Hope | Vancouver Rape Relief

Keep Vancouver Spectacular
Kids Events | Reality Kids Club | Treasure Island Day Camp
Arts in the City | open mic, coffeehouse, creative arts
Good Friday Celebration | evening of song and reflection on the cross of Christ
Documentary The People's Crisis from LiNK on North Korea
Theology classes | Mission & Members | Foundations
Playoff & Superbowl Party