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Church Planting - Vancouver

Every church community, from the steepled to the hip-shabby to the missional was, at one point, a church plant. 
A few factors are common - the centrality of the Gospel -  tension between the church & culture - the dependance on the Holy Spirit - the Missio Dei - and God's call upon a dudely man to lead. 
Some are unique - time, space, style, philosophy of ministry. 
Those dependent on the lead & work of God tend to thrive.  Those that depend on the talents & creativity of man eventually fail.

Reality Vancouver Church was birthed in 2009 as a church plant of the BC MB conference - with the support of a small rural church in Gibsons (Christ the King) and a large urban church in Kitsilano (Westside Church).   As an active participant in the C2C church Planting network, we have seen a number of C2C apprentices serve in our community - all currently in active pastoral ministry around the city & province.  Apprentices usually serve between 1 & 2 years in their sending / marinating church as they study the culture - grow in the Gospel - and cultivate their giftedness & leadership.

Reality recycles at least 5% of all funds received back into church planting (through the C2Cnetwork) as we are committed to the ongoing spread of the Gospel in our city & across Canada. 

For 2012 Reality has been blessed with Matt & Melissa Menzel as our apprentice couple.  Pastor Matt's sermons can be found among the archives HERE.


In 2010-11, Dennis & Mistin Wilkinson served as our apprentice family and were called & sent to establish a Gospel-centred, missional community in Vancouver's west-end (probably the least-reached part of the least-reached city in North America).

In the Fall of 2011, Dennis transitioned to serve as the lead pastor/missiologist of the West End Church plant, now known as META communities.   Some amazing Reality families & individuals joined the META launch team.  Some already lived in the west end - others moved in.

Please be in prayer for Dennis, Mistin & the META communities family.  If you're not already on the Wilkinson mailing list for prayer updates - they can be contacted at the following:

c. 778.855.6670 
a. 971 Nicola.  Vancouver, BC  V6G 2C7
fb. DenMistinW