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Jesus and Kids

Your child is a masterpiece.  Literally, God's handiwork, his poetry (Ephesians 2:10).

With Jesus as our example, Reality kids ministry seeks to demonstrate the heart of God for children. Together, we explore the glory of God’s attributes, teach our kids about the redemptive story of Jesus Christ, and learn how to respond to His love through worship, prayer, sharing & serving.

We've designed each class with age-appropriate activities that make learning about Jesus both captivating and fun!  Jesus is the life of the party so kids church should be as much celebration & fun as it is informative for young hearts & minds.  In short, we exist to make the reality of Jesus known.  

While we understand the church’s responsibility & privilege to nurture a child’s relationship with God, we believe that parents are preeminent in this role. As parents shepherd their kids through Scripture, our children’s ministry serves as reinforcement to their teaching. Upon turning 12 children are encouraged to join the main Sunday gathering and continue learning and worshiping alongside their parents, other adults and youth.

precious cargo
One of our primary goals for the Reality Kids ministry is to provide a safe and secure place for children to learn and play.  We do that through several measures, all of which are meant to keep our ministry secure and provide peace of mind for parents. Our check-in system ensures that only you can sign-in and sign-out your child.  We use a nametag system at our check-in table.  Each child is given a nametag corresponding to their age/group (totspot, diggers, builders).  The parents of those children are given one pager with a corresponding number (one pager per family unit).  When it is time to pick your children up after the service, you must return the pager & nametags to your child’s teacher.  For security, children will not be released from class without a corresponding nametag from the parent/guardian.  We also have a security guard that watch the Reality Kids Ministry entrance.

In addition, we have a policy that no volunteer will be alone with a child or group of children under any circumstance. There will always be at least two volunteers with a child or classroom at all times.  Finally, all of our volunteers and teachers have gone through an interview and application process, received basic children’s ministry training, and had a thorough background check to provide added security and safety for your children.

sick policy
We ask that if your children are sick that you not check them into the Reality Kids ministry. This is for the health and safety of the other children in the ministry and our volunteers.  If your child has had a fever over 37.5o C in the last 24 hours, any signs of chicken-pox or other contagious virus/bacteria, or diarrhea/vomiting in the last 24 hours, do not check them into the Children’s Ministry.

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How It Looks

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 General - realitykids_gospelproject

Reality KIDS uses the Gospel Project as our curriculum for Sunday mornings.  Check it out HERE

We have divided the children into 4 classes, based on age. 
Infants & newborns are in SEEDS, preschoolers are in SPROUTS, primarygrades are in BUDS and older elementary-aged kids are in ROOTS.  

General - realitykids_seeds_blk
Available during the both Sunday morning gatherings.  
Our heart is to provide infant care that is second to none. Our team provides a warm, loving, and learning environment in a friendly, entertaining atmosphere.  You can know that your child is being loved and prayed for.  Our paging system allows us to contact you when your child is unsettled or needs a diaper change.  Having your child’s diaper changed prior to the gathering is highly encouraged.

General - realitykids_sprouts_blk
Sign in prior to gathering - Sprouts are encouraged to hang with parents/guardians in the main gathering until they’re released (after the first music set).
During the gathering your preschooler will learn relevant, Gospel truths in an age-appropriate environment through games, music and exciting Bible lessons. Everything they do in class will equip them to develop a real relationship with God, make wonderful friends and have crazy amounts of fun on the journey.

General - realitykids_buds_blkGeneral - realitykids_roots_blk
Offered at the 11am gathering only.  Sign in prior to gathering - Elementary-aged children are encouraged to hang with parents/guardians in the main gathering until they’re released (after the first music set).
The Buds and Roots classes are a ridiculously fun place to make friends, study the bible, learn about Jesus and learn to apply the Gospel to your life.  Games, music, sports, bible lessons & memory verses are a part of this action-packed class.  It's a place where kids can be kids - and where they can be encouraged to grow in & live out their faith every day.  
Children older than Grade 5 may participate in the roots class - but only as class assistants (helping the younger children with crafts, reading, etc) & with the permission of the teacher.

nursing mothers
Nursing mothers are welcome to join us in the seeds room, at the reality café (privacy area near the back), in the balcony or join the main gathering…whatever works for you & baby during this precious season of life.

servant opportunities
No matter your spiritual gifts or how much time you have to serve, there's a place for you on the Reality Kids ministry team. For more information contact our kids team HERE.