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posted by Kris Martens August 07, 2010
Bulgaria update I - Departure

Hello wonderful friends and family,

I just wanted to say a quick "good-bye" from the Bulgaria team before we leave for the States tonight. Our flight leaves at 8 am tomorrow morning from Seattle, so it's gonna be an early morning for us! We are finishing our packing, filled with hope and excitement. Thank you so much to those of you who are supporting us with your prayers, that is really appreciated.

I will be sending some updates once we are over there so stay tuned for some cool stories!

If you are committed to praying for us while we're are gone, here are some things you can pray for as we travel:

1) Pray that our baggage gets there (it has lots of cool art supplies in it, and also Breanne's guitar)
2) For safety and peace on the plane
3) That we can recover from the time change quickly, and be ready to love on these kids!
4) That God would prepare our hearts for what is awaiting us when we get there. Most likely we will be swarmed with children needing love and affection, which will be awesome and probably overwhelming. ( In a good way!)

Praise God that He has made it possible for us to go. We trust in Him fully, that He is with us and that He will be protecting us as we travel. We serve a good God!

I love you guys, thank you so much for everything! Have a wonderful, rainy Vancouver day :)

- Joelle