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posted by Kris Martens April 24, 2011
Easter weekend gatherings 2011

Many thanks to the small army of volunteers & faithful Jesus-lovin' worshippers who made this Easter weekend so special.

From Reality's Good Friday gathering - to Sunday morning's resurrection party - to the after expressions that happened throughout the city where meals, generosity & love were extended - the whole weekend was a gift of grace:
  A gift of new life for those that met Jesus & responded to the good news.
  A gift of joy for those who heard the gospel expressed through song, story, dance, poetry, proclamation & hospitality
  A gift of truth for the friends, neighbours, and family we continue to pray for,
  A gift of encouragement for those who saw their investment of time-talent-treasure result in changed lives.
  A gift of vision experiencing the scope of what Jesus is doing and can do through his church in our city.

This weekend was a special gift.  Thank you Jesus for leading, loving & building your church.

It’s all about Jesus.  He's the hero of OUR story & THE story. 
Thank you for following him faithfully, Reality.

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