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posted by Kris Martens August 31, 2011
Party in the Park wrap up | summer 2011

Many thanks to our neighbours and community for the memories, meals & conversations over the summer.  

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Party in the Park, held at Guelph Park near SOMA, brought together those living in (literally) and around the Guelph Park / Mt Pleasant community every Tuesday through July & August 2011.    Highlights included some pretty wild Ultimate Frisbee games, some pretty sketchy volleyball, some South American disc-throwing game (Tejon?), and some inspired poetry/story-telling from Miss Mary.  

We concluded our summer Tuesday party's with an outdoor movie night featuring the classic 'the Princess Bride'.  

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A couple hundred people showed up with blankets & lawnchairs to enjoy this great story under the stars.  Surprising elements of the evening included some live music accompanied by iPhone keyboard (tks JR), endless popcorn (tks JB) some startling  'shadow dancing' (tks JD), and the amazing Mr. Ed in a parachute.   Thanks, team, for serving our community so well.   Looking forward to next summer & taking this goodness indoors through the upcoming monsoon season. 
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