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posted by Kris Martens December 03, 2011

December 3  2011

Hey Reality Peeps!

We started working on the Bangkok episode last weekend and have been going full tilt all week. Its been a challange, scheduling wise, getting all that we intend to everyday because the organizations we are featuring are busy, and Bangkok drums to a different beat. One of our three organizations backed out (due some issues internally), but linked us up with another two who are doing similiar work. We ended up having to only use one of them because the other organizations weren't too organized, and some of our time wasn't able to be used as effectively as possible.

None of the organizations work weekends, and then the kings birthday is on Monday (which the Org's don't work on either), so we've had a bit of a slowdown. We've found a few interviews for the weekend, and we will be undercover in some areas trying to get some stronger b-roll footage with the time we have free. We've been developing some relationships with the staff at a few bars in the prostitution areas, so they are getting used to seeing us and we aren't in danger bringing cameras now. This has helped alot!

Anyhow....due to the beauty of scheduling (or lack thereof), we have had to cancel the plans we had in Pattaya, or we run the risk of not getting the content we need for the Bangkok episode. We've decided to stay here a few days longer than planned so that the video can be as strong as possible, prior to heading the North East to feature some missionaries who are working on some preventative work surrounding prostitution.

Yesterday (friday) we worked over 18hrs, starting at 8am and finishing after 2am the following day. The ministries are spread out a bit in BKK, so we've been spending lots of time, and money on transportation. Please be praying that everything come together, and the organizations have less kinks this coming week so that we can use the time more efficiently. Prior to coming over here, we had an organization offer to house us while we are here in BKK shooting, but that offer has disapeared. They are REALLY out of the way anyhow, so it is a slight blessing, or we would be spending small fortunes, and even larger amounts of our days in transit. This has brought a spending increase for accomodation that wasn't budgeted for, but God keeps coming through with little bits that are helping sustain us. We had a donation come in that is helping cover some of the expenses that I didn't expect or forsee while on your side of the world.

Another big prayer request is that we be able to find a way to renew our visa's. They expire 5 days before we leave, and in order to renew them, I am being told that we now will have to leave the country for a day....(ie. do a sleepover in Cambodia). This would really cut into our much needed filming days, so we need a blast of grace with the visa dept. in granting us an extension. You used to be able to get them no questions asked when I have been here before, but apparently things have changed. The alternate is for us to pay a fine at the airport of 500 baht each per day we overstay our welcome. This is not in the budget so God is going to have to come through...period.

We've been getting some really incredible shots, and we're learning A LOT. We actually had another organization ask us to give their upcoming film team some tips based on our experiences so far. We are really being baptized by immersion into this, and have been feeling and seeing God's blessing as we tread this episode out. The Bangkok prostition industry isn't the easiest, or safest subject to make a film about, but we've been safe by the grace of God. We've been in some incredibly shady areas, seeing incredibly shady things, and God has truly protected us. I could share more than a few stories of some situations that could've/should've gone sideways in a hurry.

Jesus Bless you all. JR and I are missing you all very much, especially worshipping with all of you. Please keep praying for us, and we will be doing the same for you.

In Christ,
Joshua Dool & Joshua Redmond