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posted by Kris Martens May 17, 2012
Lewis & Tolkien | the Gospel Narrative

A beautiful depiction of the conversation between C.S.Lewis & J.R.R.Tolkien that preceded Lewis' converstion to Christianity.  A beautiful piece of gospel narrative, as depicted in Lewis' 'Surprised by Joy'.   Worth 8 minutes of your time & consideration...

Setting the scene...

Although in 1929 Jack was already on his knees and had prayed to God desperately and reluctantly, it was Tolkien’s friendship that brought him to the encounter with Christ. On 19 September 1931, Jack and “Tollers” (as Tolkien was called by his closest friends), together with their common friend Hugo Dyson, were taking their usual after-dinner stroll in the grounds of Magdalen College and began discussing ancient myths and the Truth “hidden” in these legends.