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posted by Kris Martens April 22, 2014
Servant Team opportunities ~ Kids & Cafe

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Jesus came to SEEK & SERVE

Many opportunities exist to serve in our community.  We call them Reality Servant Teams - and they serve both Sundays & midweek, locally & globally.  As a christian community, we purposefully depend upon our people to offer their time, talent, and lives in consistent service.  As a result, volunteers mature in the servant image of Christ, friendship springs unplanned around loving purpose, a culture hooked on entitlement notices and takes pause, and God’s church suddenly has an overflow of resources by which to bless the world & bring renewal to our neighbourhoods.

If you desire to mature in Christ, to connect with people, and to be salt and light in a needful world, then explore the ways you can volunteer at Reality by checking out the diverse opportunities on this site, by stopping by the Connect Centre on Sundays, or by emailing us HERE.


RealityKIDS ~ contact Hillary
RealityCafe ~ contact Jacqueline or Teresa

A full listing of servant opportunities can be found HERE