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posted by Kris Martens April 16, 2010
HOME CHURCH communities | winter-spring 2010

There's no place like home...

The Reality community gathers in groups large & small throughout the week.  During the warmer months, our smaller groups have met less formally - at BBQ's, at the beach, at the coffeehouse - wherever.  But starting mid-September & mid-January, these smaller groups gather weekly for prayer, bible study, service and a level of community not possible on Sunday mornings.

We call our missional community groups Home Groups (or 'home churches'), as that's what they truly are...a gathering of the church community in homes.  As with Sunday mornings, Home Groups are open to Christians, seekers, and skeptics - and are a great place to invite friends who might prefer a smaller group for discussion, prayer, Bible study & relationship.  

We have 2 Home Group semesters:  Sept-Dec & Jan-May, but groups are always open to newcomers throughout each season.  So - no excuses - get in the game.

If you're looking to get hooked up in a Reality Home Group, let us know at:

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