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posted by Kris Martens September 12, 2017
Pick6 // good things take time

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If you're new to Reality church, you're not alone.  We know it can be a bit awkward and often daunting to find authentic community & explore faith & identity. Our encouragement to you... stick around.  Give us 6 weeks and discover what we mean by practicing the way of Jesus.  Pick any of the following 6 ways to explore Christ and community:

  • Join a Community Group (new groups forming this month)
  • Share a meal (Reality EATS potlucks or any local eatery with new friends)
  • Join a Servant Team (RealityKIDS and RealityHOSPITALITY currently open to newcomers)
  • Pray together (Prayer group Sunday nights @ the Chapel)
  • Make friends with Reality GO, our social meet up group
  • Participate in the Apprenticeship Lab (starts in November)
  • Get Baptized 

Whatever works for you & your schedule, know that there's a place for you and, more importantly, there's people committed to walking together with you in friendship, in faith & in love. You belong here.

Still not sure where to begin, explore our webpage HERE.  Or email one of our staff HERE.

Welcome to Reality.