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posted by Kris Martens April 18, 2010
RealityMEN head for the Hill | May 23

Some of the men in the Reality community are heading for the Hill | Mars Hill church, that is.
Day-trip itinerary...

Sunday, May 23rd.
Depart at 2pm from SOMA
Dinner in north Seattle @ Gordito's (ultimate burrito's)
Worship @ the 7:15pm gathering of Mars HIll Church (Ballard) with Pastor Mark Driscoll (teaching Luke 7:36-8:3)
Debrief @ Hale's Ales
Home around midnight.

Sign up on Sunday morning or email pastor Kris, if you haven't already.  If we need 2 vehcicles, we'll get on it. 
Otherwise, 7 or 8 is where the truck maxes out....