Gospel Foundations

This  six session class is designed as an orientation to the gospel and to Reality Church's theological and missional distinctives, as well as a preparation for believers baptism.

Who should take Gospel Foundations? 

Gospel Foundations is open to everyone.  If it’s your first week at Reality or you have attended for years - if you believe in Jesus or not - this introductory material is a great place to get started.
What if I want to become a covenant member of Reality? 

The Gospel Foundations class is required to become a member. We ask anyone interested in becoming a Covenant Member to walk with us through our foundational theology.  Whether you became a Christian yesterday, are grew up with a gospel-centred faith in Christ, Foundations will be a helpful guide in your discipleship. 

In addition to Foundations, we offer a one-session Mission and Members class, both taking place regularly throughout the year. Connect with us if you would like to learn more.