Local Mission

Reality seeks to serve practically in Vancouver's eastside, and partner with effective service organizations throughout Metro Vancouver.   Listed below are some current community service projects we're working on - as well as community organizations we support & endeavor to partner with.  If you know of local community service projects - please don't hesitate to let us know.   Email us at

Inner Hope youth ministries- Inner Hope provides housing, educational & spiritual resources for underprivileged eastside youth and families.  Founded in 2007, Inner Hope exists to help East Vancouver teens & families develop into healthy, independent people who positively contribute to their community.  Mentoring opportunities available.

Youth Unlimited - a ministry engaging eastvan youth with hope, help & identity. 

Power2Change | students - a ministry engaging & introducing university students to the person & work of Jesus. 

Journey Canada - a local ministry to help people find hope and live life through experiencing Jesus in their relationships and sexuality.  Particular focus on dealing with same-sex attraction, pornography addiction, and sex-addiction.

Mission-Possible- a Christian community service organization offering, 'something to eat, somewhere to sleep, and someone to give a !@#$%^&*' - in Vancouver's downtown eastside.   They also provide employment, job placement & housing resources for our disadvantaged neighbours. 

JustWork - a wonderful local organization that fosters dignified, gainful work opportunities for people facing multiple barriers to work.  JustWork potters created Reality's communion chalices & serving plates.

Keep Vancouver Spectacular - Reality cleans up the area around the Chapel throughout the year - and in May we hook up with the city & our neighbourhood with a community-wide cleanup.