foundations 2016

Gospel Foundations


GOSPEL FOUNDATIONS is intended to equip Christians and skeptics with the Gospel for all of life. The heart is to foster a deeper love for Christ and understanding of His work & mission as we consider the Gospel's implications on our money, power, community, sexuality and city.  Our prayer is that participants will be increasingly Gospel-motivated in everything they do.

This 6-session class is further designed as an orientation to Reality's theological & missional distinctives, a place of equipping for those journeying as disciples, as a point of connection for those considering Reality as their church home, and as a preparation for believers baptism.

FOUNDATIONS will run Sunday mornings during the early gathering. 

12:45-2:15pm @ the Chapel (lower room).


  • 1 // God's Way / the Gospel, Culture & Worldviews
  • 2 // God's Word & How to study it
  • 3 // God's Person, Prayer & How the Story shapes us.
  • 4 // God's Family / the church & mission

To sign up for this class or to obtain a copy of Reality's Gospel Foundations booklet, email us or fill out a Connect Card with your info on Sunday mornings.

Who should take FOUNDATIONS?
Gospel Foundations is open to everyone.  If it’s your first week at Reality, if you believe in Jesus or not,  this introductory material is a great place to get started for those who are merely curious and for those who are excited to get connected.
We DO ask that everyone considering Reality to be their community work through the Foundations material to assess & contrast their understanding of God, the Gospel, and what we believe - praying for discernment and growth as they choose a local body of believers to call their family.
What if I want to become a covenant member of Reality Vancouver?
The Gospel Foundations class is required to become a member;  we ask anyone interested in becoming a Covenant Member to walk with us through our foundational theology.  Whether you became a Christian yesterday, are grew up with a gospel-centred faith in Christ, Foundations will be a helpful guide in your discipleship.
In addition to FOUNDATIONS, we offer a 1-session MISSION & MEMBERS class.