Your Kingdom Come

These sermons were recorded as part of Westside Church's series of sermons based on the "Sermon on the Mount."  The series was entitled Your Kingdom Come.  Click here to see Westside's full list of these sermons.
Your Kingdom Come - Pt 19 - Everything Must Change

Date: 06.01.08
Speaker: Kristian Martens
Text: Matthew 7:24-29
Summary: At the conclusion of Jesus' great sermon on the mount - Jesus uses the analogy of a house and its foundation to remind his listeners that it's not enough hear the Gospel - or to speak the Gospel. The issue is living the Gospel - because it changes you. The Gospel transforms us and becomes expressed in our actions. In other words, we get to be doers, not just hearers as we live in this new Kingdom.
And when Jesus finishes, the effect on the crowd was astonishment. He spoke with authority - like none before and none after. What is our response when we look at Jesus' person, work & claims? Are we amazed, or too busy playing Guitar Hero to recognize his authority in our lives?

Your Kingdom Come - Pt 18

Date: 05.25.08
Speaker: Kristian Martens
Text: Matthew 7:15-23
Subtitle: False Prophets, False Followers
Near the end of Jesus' sermon on the mount, he warns us of wolves in sheep's clothing - false prophets that disguise their true character and prey upon Christians who don't know what they believe. He also warns us that there will be many people who think they know Jesus, but whom Jesus does not know. False followers who do signs & wonders, pray in Jesus name and declare Jesus Lord - but who don't actually know Jesus at all. This message looks at the gift of salvation by grace - and the dynamic between faith & works in the Christians life. In the end, the big questions will be: Do you know Jesus? Does Jesus know you?

Your Kingdom Come - Pt 13

Date: 04.20.08
Speaker: Kristian Martens
Text: Matthew 6:19-24
Where is your treasure, what are you focused on, and who do you serve?

Your Kingdom Come - Pt 8

Date: 03.02.08
Speaker: Kristian Martens
Text: Matthew 5:38-48
Jesus comes into this world as both the Prince of Peace and the Mighty Warrior. This sermon looks at His interpretation of the Mosaic laws of retaliation (eye for an eye) - and the implications for our response to evil in this world. The issues of war & peace, pacifism & courageous resistance are all explored in this passage. Our conclusion is that Jesus, our peaceable King, calls us to love (agape) our neighbours & our enemies, and to engage the spiritual powers & principalities with the Sword.

Your Kingdom Come - Pt 3

Date: 01.27.08
Speaker: Kristian Martens 01/27/08
Text: Matthew 5:11-16
Continuing his sermon, Jesus reminds His followers that, not only are they blessed for Kingdom characteristics like peacemaking, meekness & hungering for righteousness - but that we should expect a good butt-kicking from the world when we live this way. He then challenges His people that they ARE the salt of the earth - and the light of the world... statements that should evoke courage & confidence within the Church. But the sad reality in N. America is that the church has lost its place in culture...becoming unsalty, dim and with little influence. This message looks at some reasons for this reality and then looks to the hope we have in Jesus to restore our saltiness and reflect His light. Jesus remains the true Light of the world and His desire remains to reach this city, and every city, with His contagious, flavourful and faithful Good News.