Inner Hope Youth Ministries

The mission of Inner Hope Youth Ministries is to walk alongside youth and families in East Vancouver nurturing hope, belonging and transformation through support, discipleship, life skills, and housing. Inner Hope partners with Reality Church, integrating our youth and families into the Reality family through authentic, committed relationships and discipleship, leading to long-term, ongoing transformation. 


MoveIn is a movement of regular Christians prayerfully moving in among the unreached, urban poor. Families within Reality Church are part of MoveIn, following Jesus' example by literally moving into the neighbourhood and living life with their neighbours. Connect with Reality church members involved with MoveIn to hear about their work incarnational ministry.


We are proud to be connected to Projekt:Kirche, a young protestant church in Berlin-Friedrichshain. After spending some time as an apprentice at Reality Church, Johannes Gebhardt joined this church plant as co-pastor at this Gospel-focused, neighbourhood-engaged church project.