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posted by Johannes Gebhardt November 08, 2012

Update No. 1 - October 27, 2012General - content_Frankie

Dear Reality Church Vancouver,

I would like to say thank you and give you my deepest appreciation for your generous donations. Oh I’m a poet and don’t even know it. I cannot fathom how God has been working in my life in this small amount of time of being in Kelowna doing this Discipleship Training School (DTS).

The DTS is a five month discipleship school that includes three months of lectures, six weeks of outreach and two weeks of debriefing at the end. I began the program on September 16th and will finish the lecture phase just before Christmas. I am living in a large house with 24 other people including staff families and students. There is also one family that lives off the base but are included in the daily routine. I have 3 roommates in a very small room with two bunkbeds and a desk.

Currently I am in my 7th week of lectures and I have learned about the following topics: Biblical world view, hearing the voice of God, relinquishing the rights, the cross, life’s purpose and how to laugh your way into a better marriage. The biggest revelation that I’ve had since I’ve been here, is coming to a realization that foundation is the biggest part of faith and how much I’ve grown since coming 8 weeks ago. I’ve learned that community living can be rough when you get no personal time. If you think “The House” is bad, this is major community living. I’ve gained patience being around 13 children daily. Constant reminders that I have to keep for myself are to die to my own flesh and obey God’s commands because disobedience leads to a different destiny. I have not yet figured out the purpose He has for me, but in God’s time it will be apparent.

It’s been a miracle that I have been able to come here. The lecture phase costs $2,700 and the outreach trips to Ahousat (a reserve on Vancouver Island) and India will be around $2,500. No words can explain how grateful I am to be at the lecture phase due to your generous contributions. Between Reality Church and Inner Hope, already over $2,000 has been donated to cover my expenses. I still need to raise about $3,000 in order to participate in the outreach trips. Whether I go or not, I will still carry all of the lessons learned from the lecture phase. This is where my foundation will be built and I will carry it for the rest of my life.

Frankie Joseph