CG 2018

Why Community Groups

What are Community Groups?
Community Groups are small, intentionally-diverse groups of people connecting in neighbourhood homes. They are safe and authentic communities where we work out what it means to practice the way of Jesus, to integrate all of life with the gospel, to love one another and serve our neighbours.  They always include the sharing of scripture, stories, prayer and friendship, and often meals together. Community Groups are one of the tangible expressions of apprenticeship within Reality.

There are three Community Group seasons each year: Autumn runs from mid-September through early-December. Winter runs from mid-January through mid-March.  Spring runs after Easter through May/June. The change of each season allows groups to remix or multiply. There are fewer formal community groups gathered in summer as we intentionally make space to spend time with our neighbours. 

How do I join a Community Group?
Check out the info on current community groups in the column to the right and email one of our group leaders. You can also sign up for a group at one of our Sunday gatherings.

Why do we have Community Groups?
God exists in community and has made us in His image. As we live life together, we most reflect God and how He has created His church and people to be. Therefore, when we live in isolation, we suffer. Life in a broken world is far too complex and tempting to journey alone. We were designed to live in community and, because of Jesus, we now have the grace to do so.

Community groups are essential to us as a church family. They are where we learn together, build our lives together, eat together and pray together. Your new birth means that you have been born into a family – community groups are a place to embrace that. Our hope is that our groups would reflect the community of the early church as described in the bible in Acts 2:42,46-47

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer... They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

Spring 2018 Community Groups by night & neighbourhood
Community Group season: mid-Sept through early-December
Newcomers can join anytime, so invite your friends & neighbours.


Neighbourhood: Sunset-Fraserhood
Leader: Andre + Kari Wiens
Time: 7:30pm near E 45th & Prince Edward
Neighbourhood: Mt Pleasant
Time: 7:00pm near 10th & Main
Neighbourhood: New Westminster
Time: 7:00pm in Sapperton
Leaders: John + Sarah Hau
Time7:00pm in the Woodward's Bldg
Neighbourhood: Cambie Village
Leaders: John + Francia Brodie
Time: 7:00pm near King Edward & Yukon
Neighbourhood: New Westminster
Missional Focus: Deaf Community apprenticeship
Leader: Perry Belleau
Time: 7:00pm @ Tim Horton's - New West Skytrain stn
Neighbourhood: Grandview-Commercial Drive
Time: 7:00pm near Commercial Drive
Neighbourhood: Burnaby-Edmonds Stn
Time: 7:00pm near Edmonds Stn
Neighbourhood: Burnaby-Champlain Heights
Time: 7:00pm at Matt & Trudy's
Leaders: Ryan + Elyse Sanche / Claudia Quintero
Time: 6pm at the Chapel