Monthly Moms Meet-Up

Moms Meet-Up has started! if you and your little one want to join us for a monthly meet up at The Chapel with coffee, snacks, prayer and worship (with a group of other moms who won't mind if your baby cries through half of it) we'd love to see you there.


One of the ways we support each other in busy or full seasons of life - a new baby, an illness, experiencing loss - is by providing a nourishing meal. Church members can sign up to cook and deliver meals (or order their favourite takeout which is always a hit) and help carry some of the load during these times. We aren't made to walk this journey alone but designed to live life in community and bear each other's burdens.

Reality Women 2018-2019

Our retreat and events team is in the process of deciding on some activities for the fall and winter season. Stay tuned for upcoming retreats, gatherings and studies where we as Reality Women can build relationship, support one another and grow in our faith together.

If you're interested in attending the Stillwood Womens' Weekend, some Reality women are attending that retreat this year. You can register on the Stillwood website and if you are interested in connecting with other women who are attending you can contact