We are a community of people who believe in Jesus and seek to practice His way of living -- together, in our homes, schools, jobs and neighbourhoods of Vancouver. We gather on Sundays to sing, be taught, break bread and simply be together as a family. Throughout the week, we meet in smaller community groups, moms groups, softball teams and share meals as friends because following Jesus is lived out in the every day life. We work together for the good of our city to see it flourish and to see all things being made new.

Reality Church is family of people from all different walks of life -- a collage of people who are strengthened by our differences. We hope you'll come join us.

We are people learning to see ourselves as Christ does: children, loved, friends, accepted. 

We see Jesus transforming all things for our good and God's glory.  

We practice the way of Jesus as a family of apprentices sent to love our neighbours authentically, prophetically and sacrificially. 

As apprentices of Jesus we desire to integrate all of life with faith -- rooting ourselves in Christ and his character, his commission, and in community. 

Six core values calibrate our rhythms, our posture, and our priorities as a church family: 

  • Faith

  • Rootedness

  • Integration

  • Humility

  • Hospitality

  • Rest